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Step into our 12-Day Natural Skin Care Program, meticulously crafted to elevate your skin using easily accessible home ingredients.


Embark on a journey filled with DIY treatments that deeply nourish your skin, fostering a chemical-free routine that brings radiance to your complexion, fades acne scars, and unveils a flawless visage in just 12 days, harnessing the potency of natural elements. 


Each day, you'll receive tailored tasks and a recommended mask utilizing household ingredients.


Our goal is to break free from chemical dependency and embrace a wholly natural path to skincare. Our objective is to eliminate dependency on chemicals and embrace a completely natural approach.

What to expect from this program?

Glowing skin ✅

Reduced acne spots ✅

Reduced whiteheads ✅

Reduced tan and pigmentation ✅

Tight skin ✅

Free Face Wash Powder worth Rs. 499/- ✅

Repair your skin naturally in just 12 days – join our program today!

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