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3 Common Hair Myths Busted

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Hair growth oils, smoothening serums & mousses, hair strengthening packs and what not, we do a lot for the health & growth of our crowning glory, don’t we?

In fact, a lot of us would be guilty-as charged for splurging copious chunks of our salaries on grabbing our Holy Grail products too. While some work, some fall flat on their lofty claims.

We like you, have been there. Totally understand the frustration. In today’s day and age when Internet apparently “knows it all” information is available at the click of a button. So is misleading information. Wait, what?

Considering internet is an open source, often we consume baseless, unscientific and deceptive information. Wondering what all nonsense we have consumed & believed in when it comes to hair care? Let’s debunk some common but deeply entrenched myths. Here we go!

  1. A high protein diet promotes hair growth

Certainly, proteins are not only the building blocks of our body but also that of our hair but there’s to what meets the eye. Our hair requires a complex matrix of nutrients for its maintenance and growth. From Vitamin C to Vitamin E to iron to folate to proteins and a list of trace elements, everything works in tandem to deliver healthy, lustrous and unequivocally scintillating locks. In fact, excessive doses of proteins can at times cause hair fall. Please moderate your diet instead of falling to protein-rich diet fads.

  1. Only dry scalp experiences dandruff

This one’s a classic lie peddled to prompt sales of so-called anti-dandruff hair oils. Truth be told, every time of scalp is susceptible to dandruff. Oily or greasy scalps for instance may experience the “sticky” version of it while dry scalp could experience powdery flakes. Prioritise personal hygiene to combat dandruff instead of splurging on only so-called dandruff-nixing elixirs.

  1. Oiling scalp everyday or often promotes growth

Don’t even get us started on this! First things first, oiling does not promote hair growth but rather simply prevents hair loss caused by excessive dryness. Oiling gently also relaxes one’s mind and senses besides preventing dandruff caused due to dandruff but growth is affected by one’s genetics, diet and application. Merely slapping oils attracts dirt for sure. You won’t want that, we bet!

That said the next time anyone feeds you with misleading nuggets of hair care, you know where to direct them to.

Photo by Tamara Gak on Unsplash

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