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Skin care beyond just face

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Let’s talk about skin care. What’s special about that? Aren’t be flooded with truckloads of skin care tips to cure pimples, lighten pigmentation, soften skin or the all-time favorite – How to get porcelain clear glowing skin? Pearls of skin care wisdom and mind-bogglingly vast array of skin care products surround us. So, what will be so special about this “Skin care talk”?

We’ll talk about skin care… beyond just your face. Facial skin care always steals the spotlight when it comes to skin talk. Truth be told, sometimes it’s the most ignored parts of our body that need the maximum TLC (Tender love & care) and most of us are guilty as charged for being blissfully oblivious to the same. Here’s our take on how to keep it young, radiant & ever-so-gorgeous from head to toe.

Let’s dive in.

  1. Underarms

Since the skin here is delicate and thin, it is highly vulnerable to irritation, rashes, darkening and pigmentation. Haven’t we at some point of time sprayed alcohol-laden deodorants to nix foul underarm odour? Those very “saviours” cause redness, rashes and darkness. What to do? Switch to all-natural handmade soaps to cleanse your armpits. Use brightening homemade packs or bath powders to lighten pigmentation and alcohol-free solid deos to control bad smell as well as smoothen skin. Wear sleeveless tank tops unhesitatingly. Take our word on that.

  1. Elbows

Not moisturizing enough in spite of constantly bending can render our elbows dry, rough and often unnaturally dark. How to care for them? Gently exfoliate using all-natural scrubs and moisture lavishly to replenish lost moisture. Prefer body butters if skin is cracked. Heals like magic.

  1. Hands

Our hands aren’t just the most overworked parts of our body but also the first to display signs of ageing. While moisturizing regularly using all-natural hand creams does help infuse moisture and prevent ageing, apply au naturel masks can help rejuvenate skin by sloughing away dead skin cells. The result? Clean, clear, young, radiant and oh-so-soft hands. Who doesn’t want those?

With there are many more parts of our body that deserve greater care and attention, for now your task is to revise your current skin care regimen. Incorporate the above inputs according to your requirements & constraints. Glow from head to toe!

Image Source : Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

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