Eat Your Greens

Gorgeous snapshots of healthy-food scattered across your Instagram feed? They surely pique the interest of even those who believe Healthy food = Puke-inducing. You’d have come across your favorite YouTuber sing praises of a miraculous green mask or DIY Juice that cleared up stubborn acne, lightened pigmentation and left her skin flawlessly clear almost glass-skin, haven’t you?

At Maya Nature’s Nectar we firmly believe that skin care is an inside-out ritual. Keep your insides

immaculately clean to flaunt jaw-droppingly stunning skin. Gut health in short is key to acing skin care. While dry fruits and fresh fruits help, eating greens prompts one closer to the skin of their dreams a tad faster.

Here’s a list of Green Superfoods you should have in your pantry. Whip up DIY masks, slurp as smoothies or drink as juices, experiment & explore their untapped beauty boosting benefits.

1) Celery

Often used as a garnish, Celery is one of the most nourishing green superfoods one can

incorporate in their daily diet. From lowering cholesterol levels to promoting a healthy

eyesight to keeping skin young & vibrant, Celery juice or salad help revive & rejuvenate skin and hair health. Hailed for its detoxification abilities, it keeps our gut healthy. Cleaner the gut, clearer the… Complete that on your own. You are a ‘skin care freak’ now (We gave the hint!)

2) Moringa

A staple in South Indian cuisine, drumstick (more commonly known as Moringa) spells skin &

hair benefits in galore from the word go. A storehouse of Vitamins A, B1, B3 and B6 with

commendable levels of iron, Moringa juice or sabzis prepared out of it help combat

premature greys, breakage and thinning. Troubled by dull skin? Luminescent skin is just a sip of Moringa juice away.

3) Wheatgrass

From detoxifying liver to cleansing kidneys wheatgrass’s nutritional profile is impressive. A

juice of fresh homegrown wheatgrass juice helps avert premature skin sagging, greying and

thinning. Growing wheatgrass at home doesn’t require a lot of space or care either. Early

morning wheatgrass shots on an empty stomach help kickstart one’s day on a healthy note

by alkalizing our system.

Prepped up your weekly grocery shopping list? Swap packaged products for these Praanic foods dedicatedly. Your skin & hair will thank you!

Photo by Nadine Primeau on Unsplash

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