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3 Indian Superfoods You Can Grow at Home

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Captivated by gorgeous food shots of your favourite Instagrammers garnished with greens aplenty? We are sure you’d have Googled what those greens only to find out their sky-high prices leaving your jaws kissing the ground.

Worry not! We’ve a treasure trove of Superfoods in India. Do they cost a bomb? Of course NOT. In fact, you can grow 3 Indian Superfoods at the comfort of your home too. Let’s get gardening, shall we?

  • Methi (or Fenugreek)

A storehouse of skin and hair nourishing nutrients, ask any Indian mom on the beauty benefits of Methi and you are sure to receive an hour-long sermon for being blissfully oblivious to this superfood. Used as a natural hair conditioner, hair growth promoter and hair thickener, Methi packs a punch at blemishes, pimples, pigmentation and blackheads.

Growing Methi is a piece of cake if you live in a warm sunny place. Living in a metropolitan city? Is space at a premium? Methi is cooperative in that way too. A small pot would do the thing!

  • Tulsi (or Holy Indian Basil)

A staple in Indian households. Tulsi has been raved and revered since times immemorial in Ayurveda. Known for its sterling cleansing, purifying and detoxifying properties any variant of Tulsi be it Rama Tulsi, Lakshmi Tulsi, Krishna Tulsi or Vana Tulsi is laden with skin, hair and overall health boosting virtues.

From controlling excessive hair fall to curing scalp infections to shrinking pimples and lightening pigmentation (one of the reasons why we add it to Maya Nature’s Nectar’s daily face wash powder) it’s a boon for natural skin & hair care buffs.

A simple tea prepared out of its fresh leaves in water if consumed every day aids digestion. Clearer the gut, clearer the skin.

  • Paalak (or Spinach)

This powerful green is a newfound favourite in the recipes of “Green smoothies”. Why? Loaded with iron, calcium, Vitamin C and folic acid, it clears up acne and promotes hair growth. Slurp a Spinach Smoothie or add to your Sabzi. Bask in its health benefits.

It’s time to roll your sleeves up, jump straight into the “Gardening mode” and eat (or drink) your way to spotlessly clear radiant skin and super strong strands. Oh, not to forget you won’t have to break into a bank either. Win-win? We agree with you!

Photo by Sandie Clarke on Unsplash

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