Brand Story

Words cannot convey as to how I feel today as I unveil the story behind the creation of Maya Nature’s Nectar. From applying simple, 100% natural, effective homemade skin & hair concoctions to pamper myself to them earning a thumbs up from friends (Fun Fact: Mine are pretty harsh as critics) to now seeing my labour of love garner applause from our loyal patrons, it feels like yesterday when Maya Nature’s Nectar was conceptualised. 

Truth be told, I always wanted to sink my teeth in entrepreneurship. However, as luck would have it, I ended up in a corporate cubicle, clocking over 8 hours every weekday. 7 long years of my corporate innings compelled me to dive into “entrepreneurial waters” however, somehow things just never clicked for my previous ventures. Disappointed? Yes. Still determined? A 101% Yes.

It was during the lockdown of July 2020 when even though all of us were saddled with longer-than-usual almost unending work hours and increased pressure to perform, I decided to not let this phase get the better of me. 

I didn’t want to sit hypnotically before my TV, laptop or smartphone to binge on Netflix & Amazon Prime videos for hours. Self-care, Natural healing and daily positive affirmations – These became my agendas.

Off into the pantry and I whipped my DIY face & hair packs from scratch. Pampering mode: Switched on.  The result? Not only did my mind feel de-cluttered from the spiral of depressing news updates & crime-infested “viral series” but also something incredible happened – My skin beamed like never before!

Spotlessly clear, plump and flawlessly radiant my skin didn’t look this good even during my wedding! I realized where my interest truly lay all this while, what I should do and why – It was my A-Ha moment. Still fresh in my memory to date. But how do I do it? That remained unanswered until my husband and friends jumped in.

I provided free samples to my near & dear ones to get their honest feedback. I had braced myself for criticism considering how upfront my friends are but to my surprise, they showered me with words of appreciation, singing praises of the products and how they reversed years of damage in such a short span of time. Stoked! Thrilled! Humbled! Every time a friend would drop in their feedback – good or bad (mostly good) I’d use it to improvise the products.

My husband and family members guided me through every step of the journey as I conceptualized the brand. From walking me through how saturated the Indian beauty market is with toxic chemical-laden products to how all-natural ones cost a bomb, I wanted my products to check on both these issues. 

Maya, our brand name is a family-driven venture with each maverick’s initials added to create MAYA (Madhuri – My mom, Ashok – My dad, Yashashree – I and Anushree- My sister)

I believe self-care isn’t restricted to only girls or ladies. My products are for everyone to indulge in. Anyone and everyone who wants to go chemical-free will find Maya Nature’s Nectar an absolute treasure trove of skin & hair care goodies.

In July 2020, I launched the brand on Instagram.


Growing steadily in terms of followership, today at 700+ customers in a span of just 1 year as we look back at our journey, we realise the importance of taking small steps.